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Floral arrangements & cute flower border design for venue decoration

Be it a big event or a small one; flowers are the main ingredient of every occasion. What do you say? With the vibrancy of colors and natural fragrance-filled splendor, flowers spread joy and delight to all occasions, indeed! Flowers are valued everywhere, from worshiping god to decorating parties and even at eulogies and funerals. For no reason, flowers are beautiful and have the propensity to change anyone’s mood! 

And we are blessed that the floral industry came up with ingenious floral arrangements and designs! I mean, just imagine the doorway or entrance for your baby shower the cute flower border design? Exciting! Anyways, we are here to talk about different floral arrangements you can use to add life to your events.

Flowers: why so beautiful?

You look at a flower and just give away your heart in seconds, and the only question you will ask; what’s so magical about you? 

Flowers not just make every moment sensational but a way to improve our emotional wellbeing and health. No wonder yellow roses and pink tulips are used as gestures of love and care for “Get Well Soon” wishes! In fact research (NCBI) says;

“Flower arrangements are familiar to many people as bringing nature into daily life and offer office workers easy contact with nature within the constraints of time and space.”

“Flowers activate multiple parts of the brain creating a stimulating, perceptual experience. Our vision is a multimodal process that entails the activation, and flowers have a strong visual component. Flowers evoke a multisensory experience, on a sensory level. Beyond vision, the aesthetic pleasure in flowers includes smell, movement, and sensory stimuli. Not only of the impact on visual areas of the brain but also of the sensorimotor too.”

Why flower arrangements? 

What do you think? Why did the floral industry come up with cute flower border design, arrangement, and manner?

Ikebana: A Japanese Flower Art that literally means “flowers kept alive.” 

Ever given a thought, What makes flowers so appealing? No doubt that we find beauty in flowers, but a lot more might surprise you. No doubt the innate arrangement of flowers is one of a kind, but the flower arrangement’s art helped give a more detailed definition of beauty. And this art of flower arrangement is as old as Ancient Egyptians! According to archeological shreds of evidence, Ancient Egyptians were the first civilization to start flower arrangements for decorative purposes. And today, we have an exact term for this floriculture!

If you have ever heard of Ikebana, you might understand what and why the flower arrangement is destined for! Centuries ago, this popular living art came a long way from its humble roots (temple offerings). 

Flower Arrangement Principles

We all like to consider ourselves expert floral arrangers, but the truth is we aren’t. Basic knowledge of floral arrangements is necessary; otherwise, you can make a mess of those pretty blooms. Evey florist follows these six basic yet important Principles to arrange flowers.  It takes Balance, Scale, Dominance, Orientation, Rhythm, and Color, and yes, these are the essential elements of Flower Arrangement. 

Well, Tila Rabbani can arrange a cute flower border design for your upcoming event if you are looking for one! Yes, she is the best florist, the master of Tila Flower Boutique! From deciding flower designs to teaching flower designs, we do all. In fact, we also offer Sofie Design, Bridal Bouquet, Boutonniere & Headpieces for special events. And you can leave invitations and event decoration items on us; Tila Flower Boutique has an Event Shop too! And this place is the answer to your search “online flower delivery Vancouver.” Celebrate the joy with flowers and let good things knock at your door!

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