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Lucky Flowers to Carry Down The Aisle

Wedding flowers not only look lovely but they can be lucky too. As per famous folklore passed down for generations, the flowers were first used as a sign of good luck by ancient Greeks and Romans. The flowers were significant for their scents, which were believed to scare away evil spirits. 

The Flower power is not just limited to shooing away evil spirits; in most cultures, flowers are believed to bring prosperity and good luck. The write-up sheds light on some of the lucky and the best wedding flowers carried in weddings and has a great significance. 

The Luckiest Wedding Flowers are: 

Orange Blossoms

If you have to rate a list of flowers starting from the luckiest, orange blossoms will bag the highest points. The flowers mark fertility and purity in Chinese, Persian, Indian, and some European cultures. The wisdom behind the symbolism is that the orange flower produces flowers and fruit. Moreover, the flowers made it to the list of the wedding must-haves after they went up to Queen Victoria’s tiara at her wedding in 1840. 

Lily of The Valley

The Lily of the valley is a flower recognized by Ostara, the German goddess of fertility and spring, which symbolizes the return of happiness and purity. The flower is said to have bloomed from the tears of mother Mary crying during the Crucifixion; therefore, the bloom is essential to Catholic Weddings. 

The flower grew to high popularity as the wedding bouquet when Kate Midleton (Duchess of Cambridge) carried the traditional lucky flower to her wedding. 


Lavender is known for its soothing fragrance and is used in aromatherapy. The aromatic herb is traditionally carried by Irish brides and symbolizes devotion. Another reason that the flower is a staple at weddings is that it promotes serenity and soothes anxiety. 

The Branches of the Olive Tree

The olive branches were exchanged at the end of the Rome wars and were used to make crowns for winners in the Greece Olympics. The branches signify peace and fertility and have been considered luck in weddings for a long time. 

Cordyline Fructose Lilies

Polynesian people bind the couple’s wrists together with garlands to drive off evil spirits and attract the positive ones. They use evergreen cordyline fructose lilies, a sacred flower, to make the specific garland.


Roses are the symbols of fertility and love.

In many cultures, the rose petals are tossed over the newly married couple to invite love and abundance to them. In Greece, they have a tradition of throwing rice and rose petals on the couple as they circle the altar for the third time during their dance of Isaiah. The third circle is the final round, after which they are considered officially married. Therefore, roses play a significant role in weddings in many cultures.

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